About Au Pair One

Since 2004, we not only helped a lot of families and au pairs to find the relevant information in one place but also became a safe meeting platform for both, families and au pairs.

  • 2004 - We started as an Au Pair Agency, where we helped host families in Denmark to find au pairs in other countries.

    Over the next years, we gained a lot of experience on au pair field, but we also felt that the Danish families lacked the information about au pair program (regulations) in Denmark.
  • Au Pair Danmark 2009-2013
    Au Pair Danmark 2009 - 2013
    2009 - We decided to create online information portal with listed au pairs and families profiles. Main idea was to spread needed information about the au pair program, particularly for Denmark. Thereby the website aupairdanmark.dk was born.

    While our portfolio of grateful families and au pairs were continually growing, we noticed that many families in Denmark became well informed and aware of the au pair program and preferred to search au pair applicants by themselves. We decided to give them this opportunity via our online portal aupairdanmark.dk.
  • 2016 - We made a decision to close our agency and focus on aupairdanmark.dk where potential Danish families and au pair applicants can contact each other directly. We also continue to provide assistance and information, but only via aupairdanmark.dk.
  • Au Pair Danmark 2017-2018
    Au Pair Danmark 2016 - 2018
    2017 - As most people used our portal on mobile devices, we've moved to mobile friendly design and continue to provide our service to mostly Danish families
  • 2019 - Over the past years we noticed the interest in our service from many host families outside of Denmark, but as our service was focused on Denmark, it was difficult to service them. So a natural next step for us was expanding our service beyond Danish borders, so we changed our name to Au Pair One and moved our site to a new web address aupairone.com.

We continue to improve our platform with new functionality to make it better, safer and comfortable place for our users. We always open for new ideas and suggestions, so, please, feel free to contact us, if you have any and would like to share it with us.