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As a student in Denmark

As a student in Denmark

Practical matters when coming to Denmark

If you consider moving to Denmark in order to go to school, study or work in the education sector, you need to look into practical matters such as work and residence permits, and also insurance and social security.

If you are looking for study in Denmark than your first choice is - Danish government website about higher education in Denmark for international students. The website contains academic and practical information about studying, living and working in Denmark.

Learning the Danish language

There are various possibilities of studying Danish language and culture, in Denmark as well as abroad.

Courses in Danish abroad

Danish is taught at many universities around the world. There are also a number of private or public organizations that offer lessons in Danish at different levels. Contact the large language centers in your home country for further information. Danish embassies and consulates also provide information about activities relating to Denmark in your home country.

Courses in Danish in Denmark

There are many possibilities for learning Danish in Denmark. Regular courses are offered during the year and special summer courses are available in the summer holidays.

The courses are offered by the municipalities, private organizations, universities and higher education institutions as well as folk high schools. Payment may be charged for the courses, but many courses offered by the municipalities are free of charge.

Contact your local municipality for more information.

Understanding Danish qualifications

Are you uncertain about the meaning of a Danish degree, diploma or certificate? Various transparency tools and descriptions can help you understand or explain Danish qualifications and how they fit into the education system.

Danish education institutions

As a special service for students wanting to study in Denmark, the lists include links to all three kinds of higher education, listed according to the type of institution and/or field of study. See the full list here.

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