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Au pair Network

Au pair Network

Au Pair Network is cooperation between FOA - (Fag og Arbejde) and KIT (Kirkernes Integrations Tjeneste) – (Integration Service of the Churches) to provide successful stays for Au Pairs in Denmark. Au Pair Network is involved in:

  • Information Service offering help and information for Au Pairs and host families. At the start of their stay, all Au Pairs are offered a welcome bag containing information on stay, Danish society and culture, rules, and offers for participating in various social activities.
  • Network opportunities with other Au Pairs and a café on Tuesdays to Fridays in Café Cadeau, H.C.Ørstedsvej 28, Frederiksberg. Various social activities such as sports, entertainments, theme evenings etc.
  • Counseling on rules, networks, stays for Au Pairs and host families. The counseling covers everything from basic questions to problems that may involve legal assistance related to employment.
  • Emergency service in crises, including counseling and, in cases of emergency, accommodation if necessary.
  • Nonprofit mediation service finding Au Pairs for host families in Denmark, who seek an Au Pair. These Au Pairs are selected in an application process. KIT is responsible for the mediation service.

Au Pair Network cooperates with different organizations, such as various Filipino organizations, and offers a wide range of social activities and possibilities of meeting other Au Pairs. The knowledge, experience, and expertise of these organizations are part of the basics of the project.
Contact Au Pair Network for more information about Filipino organizations in Denmark.

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