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Becoming an au pair in Sweden

Becoming an au pair in Sweden

Like other Nordic countries, such as Denmark or Norway, Sweden is also a great place if you are considering becoming an au pair abroad. It’s a great way to improve your language skills, gain work experience and learn more about other cultures. Here is what you need to know about being an au pair in Sweden!

Similar to Denmark, the basic purpose of your stay should be to gain knowledge regarding Sweden and Swedish culture and to improve your language skills. So the main focus is on the cultural aspects of the time spent in Sweden. Apart from that, your host family is supposed to offer you household chores and child-minding responsibilities up to 25 hours per week, for which you are entitled to monthly pocket money. Furthermore, they must provide board and lodging and accident insurance as well. Above that 25 hours, you are expected to participate in language courses, which your host family will help you with. But be aware that altogether these responsibilities can’t exceed the weekly 40 hours.

If you wish to participate, you have to meet certain eligibilities. You should be between 18 and 30 years old, have an agreement with a host family, and you have to travel alone. Also, being able to cover costs in Sweden is required, as well as the fees of traveling home at the end of your stay.

After finding a family, you have to get to a mutual agreement regarding the conditions of your stay. When you both agree on terms, you should write an official European au pair contract. The contract should contain the length of your stay, the start date, the amount of pocket money offered, the daily working hours, and the number of free days per week. It’s also important to know that the maximum length of your stay can be 12 months.

The required documentation can vary based on where you live. Within the EU and the EFTA, you will only need a valid passport and the signed contract. However, if you are a citizen outside the EU, you will also need a residence permit. For that, you have to apply before entering the country. It’s useful to know that the application fee is 2,000 SEK (200 USD) and there is a certain waiting period. If you are granted a permit for less than three months, you do not receive a residence permit card. Regarding the application, it is known that if you have spent time as an au pair in another country right before the planned stay in Sweden, it can reduce your chance of getting a permit.

Based on the above-given information, you can see that working as an au pair in Sweden is not a complicated procedure. The requirements are clear for you and host families as well. So if you feel like a Nordic country would be a perfect match for you, and you meet all the eligibility requirements, you can already start planning your stay!

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