Searching for an Au Pair During Coronavirus Times

Searching for an Au Pair During Coronavirus Times

An au pair, once you find the ideal one, is simply irreplaceable. 

However, many families and au pairs are suffering at the hands of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s indeed very true that COVID-19 has created unlimited problems for everyone.

Problems Faced Due to COVID-19

An au pair is someone, preferably a young woman in her early twenties, who has traveled to a foreign country searching for work. Because of the traveling restrictions, it has become difficult for everyone to travel, and this has caused au pairs to suffer. 

Her core responsibilities are to look after the children of the host family in exchange for a place to stay, food, and some extra cash. However, because of coronavirus, the possibility of inviting someone to your home has drastically reduced. 

No one wants to risk their health in these times. 

Businesses, work, and health has suffered at the hands of this pandemic. Because of this, many families cannot afford an au pair and eventually had to let go of her. 

Finding an Au Pair in COVID-19

While we can’t undo all the troubles caused by COVID-19, what we can do is tell you some tips and tricks to find a suitable au pair. 

1. Be Generous 

It’s not only you who are struggling financially. 

As mentioned, au pairs are young women far away from their homes, looking for a good family and good pay. We understand that this pandemic has shaken the foundations of many well-stable families, but you have to be a little more generous and considerate when you're dealing with au pairs. 

2. Travel Restrictions 

Due to COVID-19, many countries have banned traveling, and no one knows when it will be lifted. 

It would be better to know about your country's travel restrictions before searching for an au pair. And it would be wise to go for au pairs from countries that don't travel restrictions. This way, you're saving yourself the hassle of contacting the wrong person.

3. Search for Au Pairs in Your Country 

The coronavirus pandemic hit us out of the blue, and before any one of us could react to the situation, everything was shutting down already. So what can you say about the au pairs who recently traveled to your country but weren't able to go back because of the travel ban?

Currently, you have the option to look for au pairs who are already in your country and make this process a little easier for everyone. 

4. Stay on Top of Au Pairs’ Health 

In such uncertain times, it’s good to be thorough. And the same goes for your au pair’s health. 

If you're in the process of interviewing random au pairs or have already shortlisted one, kindly ask them to turn in their COVID test results. Moreover, since everyone is getting vaccinated, it would be wise to ask them for their vaccination card as well. 

And there you go!

We hope that these tips and tricks will help you find the best candidate that you’re looking for! 

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