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What is Au Pair monthly pocket money?

What is Au Pair monthly pocket money?

Depending on the host country, the definition of earned income is either au pair’s salary/wage/allowance or, as most popular, the pocket money. Definition “pocket money” can vary, but the meaning remains the same - it is honestly earned money for a certain period of working time. The amount of pocket money is agreed in advance between the host family and au pair upon the signing of a contract.

How much pocket money do au pairs receive?

On the basis of the adopted law in each country, there is a range of the minimum wage for au pair. The host family cannot pay less than the official scale indicates. The family can pay either a minimum amount of pocket money or easily more, but it must be indicated in the contract.

Amount of pocket money can vary from country to country and the minimum amount depends on the rules of a certain country. The data of this category in each country are given in the table.

CountryPocket money
Australia200-250 AUD / week
Austria485.85 EUR / month
Belgium450 EUR / month
Canada330 CAD / week
China1500 RMB / month
Denmark4700 DKK / month
Finland280 EUR / month
France320 EUR / month
Germany260 EUR / month
Iceland15,000 ISK / week
Ireland54.13 EUR / week
Italy250-300 EUR / month
Japan10.000 YEN / week
Liechtenstein1835 CHF / month
Luxembourg450 EUR / month
Netherlands340 EUR / month
New Zealand170-230 NZD / week
Norway5900 NOK / month
Spain70 EUR / week
Sweden5250 SEK / month
Switzerland600 CHF / month
Turkey500 TRY / month
United Kingdom80-85 GBP / week
United States195.75 USD / week
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