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Au Pair One helps host families and au pairs find the best possible match through filtered searching and personalized matching. Along with this, we provide the necessary, relevant and up to date information from various sources to both, host families and au pair applicants.
We used to work with the local market in Denmark where we successfully helped many Danish host families with placements of au pair applicants, but then we expanded worldwide, for host families and au pairs from .

Enjoy Au Pair One! We wish you great success and luck in your search!

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General Info

Au pair program in Denmark

The au pair is to be regarded as a family member that means being equal to the other family members and participating in the everyday life of the host family.

General Info

Au Pair Agency – YES or NO?

Au pair agencies may help in the search and selection of the host family, provide full assistance in the host country and responsible for au pairs’ safety.

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What is Au Pair monthly pocket money?

Depending on the host country, the definition of earned income is either au pair’s salary/wage/allowance or, as most popular, the pocket money.

Au Pairs

Au pair in Norway

If your au pair contract in Denmark comes to an end, you are entitled to continue your au pair position in Norway.

Au Pairs

Biometry - Extension - Termination of a residence permit

All non-EU citizens over the age of 18 applying for a residence permits must have their biometric features. Extension and termination of a temporary residence permit as an au pair.