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Au Pair One helps host families and au pairs find the best possible match through filtered searching and personalized matching. Along with this, we provide the necessary, relevant and up to date information from various sources to both, host families and au pair applicants.
We used to work with the local market in Denmark, where we successfully helped many Danish host families with placements of au pair applicants but then we expanded worldwide for host families and au pairs from all over the world.

Enjoy Au Pair One! We wish you great success and luck in your search!

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Searching for an Au Pair During Coronavirus Times

Many families and au pairs are suffering at the hands of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s indeed very true that COVID-19 has created unlimited problems for everyone.

Au Pairs

Danish Language Courses

Foreign employees and students now have to pay partially to learn Danish


Au pair eller Ung i Huset? Hvad er en ”Frit-Valg” Ordning?

Før man beslutter at ansætte en ung person i huset til at hjælpe med børnepasningen, er man nødt til at overveje om man skal have en au pair eller en ung i huset.

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Norway: Exemptions on entry ban for Au pairs outside the EU/EEA countries during Corona restrictions

Since March of this year, no Au Pairs from third world countries have been able to travel to Norway and it is not yet decided on when they will enter again.

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Au pair program in Denmark

The au pair is to be regarded as a family member that means being equal to the other family members and participating in the everyday life of the host family.